Du Mardi au Samedi

Du Mardi au Samedi, nous vous accueillons au déjeuner pour un menu de la Criée ; et au dîner pour la carte. Notre menu est élaboré chaque jour en fonction des arrivages de la criée et de notre marché.

Well then, cook, you see this whale-steak of yours was so very bad, that have put it out of sight as soon as possible ; you see that, don’t you? Well, for the future, when you cook another whale-steak for my private table here, the capstan, I’ll tell you what to do so as not to spoil it by overdoing. Hold the steak in one hand, and show a live coal to it with the other ; that done, dish it ; d’ye hear? And now to-morrow, cook, when we are cutting in the fish, be sure you stand by to get the tips of his fins; have them put in pickle. As for the ends of the flukes, have them soused, cook. There, now ye may go.

Herman Melville – Moby-Dick